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Living Water (Leader`s Guide)

Living Water (Leader's Guide)
ISBN: 9781932589153
Length: 3 ring binder
Edition: Paperback

Living Water - Understanding the Gift of New Life through Baptism

Not many of us consider our baptismal “birthday” as the most significant day in our lives. Yet what could be more important than receiving the sacrament that Jesus said was necessary for our salvation?

Many of us have been baptized without ever coming to understand its reality and meaning, and we, in turn, baptize our children with our eyes still veiled to the eternal significance of this important sacrament.

In the Living Water Leader's Guide edition of the Catholic Faith Explorers series, participants learn:

•the origin, purpose, and significance of the sacrament of Baptism
•how this holy sacrament was instituted by Jesus as the means through which we are incorporated into his family, the Church
•about the permanent effect that Baptism has upon our souls, and how it heals us of sin and empowers us to live a Christian life, and
•review the Rite of Baptism itself, and consider the deeper meaning of the words, symbols, and gestures.

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Length: 3 ring binder
Length: 3 ring binder
Edition: Paperback
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