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Amazing Grace for Families - 101 Stories of Faith, Hope, Inspiration, and Humor

Amazing Grace for Families - 101 Stories of Faith, Hope, Inspiration, and Humor
Jeff Cavins, Matthew Pinto, Patti Armstrong

Pages: 272
Binding: Softcover

The word “family” brings to mind thoughts of joy, sacrifice, affection, hardship, and humor. Yet it is love that defines what it means to be a family, and it is this same love that gives a family their purpose. In bearing witness to the mystery of the love of Christ, the family becomes the “domestic sanctuary of the Church.” Amazing Grace for Families contains 101 stories of faith, hope, inspiration, and humor. Some are sorrowful, others are humorous, but all will inspire you and your family to grow in love for each other as you fulfill your roles in the domestic church. In Amazing Grace for Families, you will meet:

A mother who sacrificed her own ability to walk to save the lives of her children.

A little boy named Markie who brought his family closer together after learning that he had a near-terminal disease.

A young man who, after being inspired by a PBS series, led his entire family from atheism to Christianity.

A little boy who found an early vocation by mistaking the word “pre-school” for “priest-school.”
And many more…

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Pages: 272
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