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Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer

Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer
Jeff Cavins & Matthew Pinto
No. Pages: 271
Binding: Softcover

How many times in the last year have you said, "My life is perfect?" If you're like most people, you've probably never said it at all! No matter how good our lives are, difficulties, obstacles, trials and sufferings often interrupt them. And many times, the more we try to avoid suffering, the worse things get. How many lives have become even more difficult and problematic because of the "quick fixes" of abortion, divorce or drug and alcohol abuse?
Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer is a compelling collection of stories of Catholics who have endured suffering or adversity in their lives and who have discovered hope and healing through God's amazing grace. The ten stories you'll hear will make you laugh, make you cry, and will inspire you to a deeper faith in Christ and the amazing grace he offers each of us everyday.

In This Series You’ll Encounter:

Carl Cleaveland, Catholic deacon and successful attorney falsely accused and sentenced to ten years in prison Janet Moylan, who looked on helplessly while her husband and daughter were swept out to sea

Debbie Harding, former pro cheerleader whose fairytale life turned into a battle against breast cancer and her husband's substance abuse

The Clarey Family, whose eleven-year-old daughter was brutally murdered on her paper route

Joan Ulicny, who survived a head-on collision with an eighteen-wheeler

Dr. Kim Hardey, who came face-to-face with his own sin following the tragic death of his son

Thomas Howard, the renowned Catholic convert who suffered quietly for over thirty years with debilitating migraines Peggy Stoks, who suffered the deep pain of sexual abuse at the hands of a family member

Deb Headworth, who lost nine children through miscarriage and has endured many other physical maladies

Grace MacKinnon, who was born with a severe handicap and faces a lifetime of serious disability

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