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Amore Infinito Songs Inspired by the Poems of John Paul II

Before Karol Wojtyla became John Paul II, he wrote poetry during years as a quarry worker, playwright, actor, seminary student, and priest. Now Domingo, out of reverence for “the greatest human being I have ever known,” has created this inspiring collection based on JPII’s poems, as an affirmation of faith and tribute to the late Pope. Joined by Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Vanessa Williams, and Katherine Jenkins.

Track Listing

1. La Coscienza
2. La Tua Semplicità (Duet with Josh Groban)
3. Risuona Anima Mia
4. A Mother's Wonderment (Duet with Katherine Jenkins)
5. Anima Nell'Anima
6. Canto del Sole Inesauribile (Duet with Andrea Bocelli)
7. Palabras
8. Love (Duet with Placido Domingo Jr.)
9. Amore Glorificato
10. Gratitude (Duet with Vanessa Williams)
11. La Libertà
12. Madre

Why I Produced this Album on the Poems of John Paul II
by Placido Domingo
This recording has grown out of my great respect and reverence for Pope John Paul II. I well remember being asked by the newspapers in Mexico, on the day he was installed in Rome, what I thought about this Polish Pope, and I replied, almost without thinking, that this was the beginning of the end for Communism. He was a parallel force with the Polish trade union leader Lech Walesa, fighting for the poor and against injustice. And he was the greatest human being I have ever known...

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