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Architecture in Communion

ISBN: 9780898706314
Author: Steven J. Schloeder

Length: 267 pages
Edition: Paperback

Amid the growing dissatisfaction with Catholic church architecture since the Second Vatican Council, and the general lack of clear and vibrant direction in liturgy, this book responds to the timely question of "How ought we build our churches?" Drawing upon the texts of the Second Vatican Council, recent papal encyclicals, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Schloeder examines this question in depth with regard to history, theology, iconography and symbolism.

Schloeder seeks not merely to analyze why modern churches are so uninspiring, but he offers positive direction for the renewal of an authentic Catholic architecture: one that respects the traditions of the Church's magnificent artistic heritage while advancing the vision of the Second Vatican Council. The key to the solution is to regain a sacramental vision of the liturgy and of architecture, a vision that will help us to build churches that nurture the human spirit with beauty and meaning. 310 illustrations.

"Steven Schloeder boldly storms the ugly citadels of architectural, liturgical, and theological modernism. This truly original book is a courageous attempt to write a theology of architecture faithful to the great liturgical tradition of the Church."
—John Saward

Steven Schloeder, NCARB, is an architect and the founder of Liturgical Environs, an architecture firm specializing in Catholic Church projects across the United States.

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Length: 267 pages
Length: 267 pages
Edition: Paperback
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