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Catholic Education: Homeward Bound A Useful Guide to Catholic Home Schooling

ISBN: 9780898705669
Author: Kimberly Hahn

Length: 410 pages
Edition: Paperback

Two experienced home schooling moms present a very thorough, balanced and practical guide to both the merits of home education, as well as the important ideas, resources and curriculums to home school. Hahn and Hasson cover all aspects - statistics supporting home schooling's excellence, the nitty-gritty of lesson plans, and hundreds of ways to keep the fun in (and boredom out) of learning. Most importantly, they offer compelling advice and inspiration for parents as they undertake their child's religious, moral and intellectual formation.

This is a reliable guide for Catholic parents who want to stay close to the heart of the church in the schooling of their children. The authors demonstrate that home schooling is not a fringe movement on the Church's periphery, but it is squarely based on Catholic teachings drawn from Sacred Scripture, natural law, and the writings of saints and popes. Readers will find the right combination of secular and sacred, theoretical and practical. Whether you are looking for advice and encouragement, language resources, aids for teaching multiplication or phonics - or the Ten Commandments - this book is sure to be a very functional tool.

"This book gives practical clothing to the truth that there are as many ways to home school successfully as there are homes in which to school. It helps us place our Catholic faith squarely at the heart of our curriculums. In addition to Kimberly and Mary's helpful advice and resources, this far ranging book also turns to numerous veteran home schoolers for valuable recommendations."
— Laura Berquist, Author, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum

"Hahn and Hasson provide strong arguments backed by solid documentation to reassure the timid and convince even doubters that the best place to educate their children in a Catholic culture today is at home."
— Donna Steichen, Author, Ungodly Rage

"This readable book is more than a manual for just home schoolers. For all parents it offers a rich fund of insights on how to provide a proper formation for their children and how to strengthen their families."
— Charles E. Rice, University of Notre Dame

Kimberly Hahn, a home schooling mother of five, holds a Master of Arts Theology degree, is the co-author with her husband, Scott, of Rome Sweet Home, and is a frequent speaker at conferences on family issues.

Mary Hasson, a home shooling mother of five, is an attorney who has done graduate work in the theology of marriage and the family. She is a frequent speaker at family conferences, and serves on the Board of the National Association of Catholic Home Educators.

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Length: 410 pages
Length: 410 pages
Edition: Paperback
$ 17.95
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