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Children on their Birthdays

ISBN: 012236137993
Edition: DVD

Based on the short story by master storyteller Truman Capote and directed by the creator of Children of a Lesser God, this is a tale for all ages of true friendship and coming-of-age. Set in a small southern town in the post-war summer of 1947, two best friends, Billy Bob and Preacher, have never met anyone quite like their new neighbor Lily Jane and are determined to win her over. The two battle for her attention and it is clear that they are on a collision course with one another that could not only destroy their friendship but also take the tiny town with them. Meanwhile, a smooth-talking show promoter (Tom Arnold) comes to town and tries to con the locals out of their life savings. The boys, Lily Jane and her best friend take it upon themselves to track down and capture the crooked Mr. Quince and turn him in to the local authorities. In the process of trying to outwit the con man and return the town’s money and dignity, the kids are also reminded of the meaning of true friendship.

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