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Diary of a Country Priest

ISBN: 037429185520
Length: 115 minutes
Edition: DVD

This is the classic, mutiple award-winning film by Robert Bresson, based on the famous novel by George Bernanos, that tells the story of a frail young priest who arrives in a rural French parish in spiritual decline. Vulnerable in his inexperience, he meets with indifference, scorn and open mockery. Through his diary entries, the young priest relays the spiritual meaning of suffering and persecution, conversion and incorrigibility, and the dark night of the soul. Amidst physical and spiritual struggles, failure and rejection, the priest accepts all with submission, turning them into a kind of victory, a grace.

"One of the most profound emotional experiences in the history of film."
—Pauline Kael

"A sublime achievement of pure cinema . . . the triumph of cinematic realism."
—Andre Bazin

"A masterpiece, beyond question."
—The Chicago Reader

A Criterion Collection DVD in new high definition digital transfer with restored image & sound. Special features include deleted scenes, audio commentary by historian Peter Cowie, a RSDL dual-layer edition, and more. Movie shown in Black & White.

This DVD has the following language options: movie is in French with optional English subtitles. This movie is Not Rated

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