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Good Day! The Paul Harvey Story

Author: Paul Batura

Length: 291 pages
Edition: Hardback

He was the voice of an era. Millions grew up listening to “Paul Harvey News and Comment” and “The Rest of the Story”, and trusted the great man who spoke for the little guy. Paul Harvey started his career during the Great Depression and narrated America’s story day by day, through wars and peace, the threat of Communism and the crumbling of old colonial powers, consumer booms and eventual busts.

Good Day! is a colorful biography of the radio pioneer-turned-legend whose guiding light saw the country through dark times. Whether he was covering racial tensions, terrorist attacks, or which vitamins to take, Paul Harvey articulated the American experience for average people “in dime store words,” with a sense of optimism and faith. Here is Harvey’s story, the rest of the story, as he would tell it himself.

“Paul Harvey: a voice of reason, a voice of common sense, an eloquent spokesman for the America and the Americans he loved. Open this book and read 'the rest of the story.'”
—Ben Stein, author, actor, economist.

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Length: 291 pages
Length: 291 pages
Edition: Hardback
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