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de-coding DaVinci: The facts behind the fiction

De-coding DaVinci: The facts behind the fiction

Amy Welborn

128 pp Paperback

Amy Welborn addresses the misrepresentation of history, religion, and art in The Da Vinci Code.

•Did Leonardo actually build these "codes" into his paintings?
•Was the Priory of Sion a real organization?
•Is the Holy Grail really, as he says, Mary Magdalen's womb and now her bones, and not the Last Supper cup?
•Is Opus Dei really what The Da Vinci Code says is it?
•What was Constantine's true role in early Christianity?
•Was Jesus human or divine or both?
•Was he married to Mary Magdalene?
•Do secret writings not in the Bible really contain truths about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the "sacred feminine"?

De-Coding Da Vinci is complete with discussion questions in every chapter. It is a perfect tool to become well-versed in the important issues raised by The Da Vinci Code.

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128 pp
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